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Honeycomb buns

on July 12, 2012

So I mentioned that I wanted to make a recipe I got from King Arthur Flour. It’s called Honeycomb Buns and makes these cute little mini buns sweetened with honey and topped with a glaze of honey and melted butter. It finally cooled down enough this evening to fire up the oven. The buns are currently in the oven and are smelling wonderful. They’ll be done at almost 10pm on the dot. I can barely wait.

Now, I am usually the queen of shortcuts but this time I actually followed the directions and mixed up the dough by hand. Yup, not doing that again! I usually use my bread machine for making bread, even bread dough to be baked in the oven. For some reason I was feeling nostalgic (masochistic) and decided to mix the dough in my KitchenAid and knead it by hand. I’m a dork. I’ll just use the bread machine next time.

In the kitchen prn that supplied the recipe, they have a really cool picture of a baking pan I really want.








Simply press the little balls of dough down into the wells and you get cool looking bread. However, before shelling out money for a cool looking pan, I wanted to try the recipe.  Now that I’ve shoved at least half a dozen of these buns in my mouth I can say that I really like them! Will definitely be making this recipe again.











A plate full of yumminess!


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