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A Pain in the Neck

on July 13, 2012

Literally… I have a pain in my neck and can barely move my head. Fortunately movement is not required for typing. It IS required for cooking so I don’t think I’ll have anything to blog about food wise today. So I’m going to talk about some ingredients that I’m mulling over what to do with.

I went  to the store the other day and bought a 5 lb container of whole milk ricotta cheese, a HUGE bag of whole milk mozzarella cheese, and some marinated artichoke hearts. I see something where I drain the chokes and put some sort of cheesy, ooey gooey topping on them. But, I can also see taking the cheese and mixing it up to make stuffing for cannelloni. Instead of using pasta sheets to make the cannelloni I’d use slices of squash rolled around the cheese. Of course with that much cheese I could do it both ways and still have some left over lol.

I guess I should explain that I don’t usually buy that much ricotta at a time. However, the big tub was on sale for 50% off and that made it cheaper than the 3lb container. I do tend to buy mozzarella in large bags when I can find whole milk already shredded. Whole milk cheese is SO much better than part-skim. It’s richer, creamier and all around tastier because they don’t remove some of the fat. As I mentioned in an earlier post, fat is flavor. (Maybe I should have that tattooed on my muffin tops lol.) If you remove the fat from a food you remove some of the flavor. I get a little obsessive about this. I cook with heavy cream, butter, whole milk cheeses, bacon fat, etc. It just adds so much more flavor to the food.

Anyway, now I have all this ricotta and mozzarella cheese to use up and haven’t been able to settle on an idea for it. In fact, my brain has short circuited so badly today that I had Ruffles and French Onion dip for dinner. mmmmm. I’m going to hate myself later but it sure tasted good!

At any rate, this isn’t much of a post but it’s all I’ve got for today. Have a wonderful weekend. 😀


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