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Grilled Trout

on July 18, 2012

Today was my first day of work at my new job. I had to be awake at 545am and the cats woke me up two hours early. I could NOT get back to sleep… so dinner tonight is incredibly easy. In addition to a really simple meal I’m writing a really short and simple blog post.

I had to run to the store this afternoon and Raley’s had the most beautiful red trout. The eyes were clear, the flesh was firm and they were just over all about perfect. So I got some fresh chives and dill, stuffed that in the fish with some lemon slices and I’m gonna throw them on the grill.

This is a picture of the prepped but ungrilled fish.

And here’s the finished product. I but a tablespoon of bacon fat in a saucepan, added some dried toasted onion bits and a can of green beans. That was the side that went with the fish. Easy and tasty 🙂


One response to “Grilled Trout

  1. Tane Marie McKee, DVM says:

    The best trout I ever had was in the Northern Cascades in 1988. Camping with my mom for 2 months in the Pacific Northwest, but Kris’s look really good as well……………..

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