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Restaurant Review: Indian Chili (Fremont, CA)

on July 29, 2012

Is anyone surprised to see another restaurant review already? 😉 Between a long week at work and a busy weekend I really didn’t have the time or energy to cook dinner tonight. (I’ll make up for it tomorrow.)

Jene called me when I was driving home from doing a Reiki session for a good friend of mine. His suggestion was to try an Indian place that had left a flyer on our car yesterday. I was totally ok with that!

So this place is in the Fremont Hub Shopping Center, next to Safeway. It used to be called Desi Dahbi. I never ate there under the old name but there’s something to be said for pretty advertising fliers.

Tonight we tried a few things. We started with Paneer Pakora. This is cheese (Paneer) layered with spices, breaded and deep fried. It was GOOD. My entree was the Lamb Biryani. I LOVE lamb biryani but can’t always eat it due to the amount of heat. This was one of those times when I couldn’t eat it lol. But I suffered through it for as long as I could because the flavor was just that good. Jene was laughing at me because my face was bright red, my nose was running and I was gulping water faster than a fish. Even slathered in a really yummy yogurt sauce, I couldn’t eat more than about a 1/4 of the serving, which was HUGE. Jene ordered the chicken curry, spicy and said it was quite good too. He offered me a bite but I was already in too much pain from my biryani.

The owner (or a manager) came by and brought us the garlic naan we forgot to order, on the house. It was super good too. Lots of yummy garlic. Although, next time I’ll have to make sure I ask for no cilantro. Indian food and Mexican food both use lots of cilantro and I can’t stand it. Tastes like eating a bar of Ivory soap, yuck!

Anyway, the prices were good with the total coming to just under $25 for both of us. It’s not a sit down and be waited on sort of place but it’s a good, quick fix for Indian food.


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