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on August 1, 2012

So I didn’t write a post last night…Tonight’s post isn’t about food either. It’s about my other favorite thing in life, KITTEHS!

I am the resident crazy cat lady in my apartment complex and my land lady let me know she needed some with with some kittens that she had rescued. I would guess they might be all of 4 weeks old right now. They’re small but walking and eating well. They are also completely adorable. So I was over at her apartment giving her advice and knowledge about caring for kittens. I had entirely too much fun and I’m currently working on convincing myself that I don’t need to add two more cats to the three I already have lol.

There are four kittens in the litter, one male and three females. Their names are Gizzy, Dizzy, Nala and Socks. Socks in the male and featured in this picture.

As you can see, he’s a gorgeous little boy. He’s one of the two I want to adopt. He’s fun, brave, and out going. His sister Dizzy is a pretty little brown tabby with a white chest and neck. She was too busy playing to sit still for a picture.  She’s the other one I want to adopt lol. The final two sisters are gorgeous too. Nala looks like Dizzy but without all the white. She’s much quieter and shy. She’s a snuggle bug and loves to purr. Ellisha is probably going to keep Nala and Gizzy. Gizzy is also quiet and snuggly. She’s white with a grey tabby head and a grey tail. Those two will be a good pair for a person not used to owning cats.

The tan fur behind Socks is Sophia, Ellisha’s Lhasa Apso. She is a complete sweetheart with the kittens. She nudges them a bit with her nose but it’s friendly and curious. She also lets the kids suckle a bit and doesn’t complain. I don’t really like dogs but I like Sophia. I even let her lick my face, TWICE!

So instead of cooking and posting last night, I was busy being a kitteh toy. And it was worth every minute! 🙂



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