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Restaurant Review: Miga Korean BBQ (Fremont, CA)

on August 10, 2012

My brother Aaron drives a semi-truck for a living. A couple of times a year his travels will bring him in this direction and he’ll stop in. Today was one of those times and he’s spending the weekend with us. After picking Aaron up at his truck we decided we needed something to eat. So Jene, Aaron, and I had dinner at Miga. I’d gotten carry out before and it was pretty good so we went back tonight.

Jene ordered the spicy pork bulgogi, Aaron had the tofu/short rib combo and I had the rice cake/dumpling soup.

The first thing I have to say is that the only way you can leave hungry is if you hate the food. In addition to the entrees they brought us EIGHT small dishes of various nibbles. There was a dish of seaweed, a potato dish, several types of noodle, kimchi, and what we think was daikon pickled similarly to the kimchi. When the potatoes ran out, they brought more lol. So even if you didn’t like something there was always more of something you probably will like.

I can’t comment on the dishes Jene and Aaron ate because they ordered them spicy. My soup was good but I felt like it was a little bland. On the other hand, I’m having an off week for flavors. I really didn’t eat the Vinho d’Alohs that I made the other night. Lunch today was bread n butter pickles… and no, I’m NOT pregnant. 😛

I can’t even wow you with pictures because I forgot.

So the basic recommendation is this.. if you prefer americanized food, don’t eat here. We were the only white people in the restaurant. If you love traditional Korean food, this is a GREAT place to eat. This is obviously a place the locals go and it’s well worth trying to decipher the menu.


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