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Baldie’s (Union City, CA)

on August 17, 2012

Just up the road from us in Union City is one of my favorite diners. Baldie’s serves a wonderful spread of Greek and American dishes, including breakfast all day. I have long been an addict when it comes to Greek food. The tang of lemon, the bite of oregano and the richness of feta cheese tease and tantalize my taste buds. Now that I’ve expressed my love of Greek food, I must say that I also love certain well made American dishes. Prime among these is really good onion rings. Baldie’s has THE best onion rings.

That said, dinner tonight was started with onion rings.

Fried golden brown, the batter is crisp without being too heavy or greasy. The onion inside is soft without being soggy and sweet to the taste. There were several more on the plate but I had to remind myself to take this picture lol. Another nice thing about Baldie’s is that the servings are BIG!


Jene ordered the Veal Parmesan for his entree. The veal cutlet is very large, comes with soup or salad, and veggies with a choice of potato or rice. Jene got the clam chowder and I could not keep my spoon out of his soup bowl lol. He was generous and let me have almost half of his soup despite my protestations that I was going to stop eating it. It was rich, creamy, herby and full of clam, potatoes and mushrooms. I wouldn’t have thought of putting mushrooms in clam chowder but it was SO good. I was too busy shoving my spoon in the soup to take a picture but I did get a picture of the veal. As you can see, it’s a big portion.

For myself I had my standard… Greek salad with grilled chicken, no onions. The dichotomy of my life is that I LOVE onion rings and other forms of cooked onion but despise raw onion. So I always get an odd look when I order onion rings and a salad withOUT onions.

Unlike many salads, this is not a big pile of lettuce with a big of good stuff stuck on top. The Greek salad at Baldie’s doesn’t have a single speck of lettuce! It is chunks of tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, greek olives, feta cheese and onions (for those so inclined) topped with a grilled chicken breast and one of the most delicious Greek salad dressings. (The BEST Greek salad dressing goes to Mr. Gyros in Overland Park, KS in case you were wondering.) As you can see from the picture this is a nice chunky salad with amazing texture and flavor. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever ordered anything else lol. I think I had the pastitsio once but my true love is the salad.

Now that I’ve waxed poetic about the salad, I may have found a new addiction tonight. On Friday, Baldie’s makes bread pudding from scratch. Bread pudding is the only so called “pudding” I will eat. The texture of the bread soaked in a rich cream/egg custard, delicately spiced with cinnamon and (in most cases) studded with nice fat raisins is my idea of a perfect dessert. Sadly, tonight’s bread pudding does not have raisins but other than that  it is amazing. The bread is tender, moist and decadent. Too many restaurants over bake their break pudding leaving it dry and tough. I ordered a serving to go, sampled it and ordered a second serving to go lol. They’re currently in my refrigerator but now that I’ve rhapsodized, I’m going to  go get a fork and eat some!

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