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Keeping it simple

on August 24, 2012

Sometimes you just want simple, clean flavors. Last night Jene made himself a hamburger patty that embodied that simplicity. It was seasoned with nothing but salt and pepper and then he put a thick slab of cheddar cheese on top. It was fabulous. So tonight Jene is being kind enough to make some more burgers just like from last night. 🙂

When I make hamburgers I normally layer in the flavors. I add fresh, finely minced onion, worchestershire sauce, and Penzeys Chicago Steak Seasoning. Sometimes I add ground pork for an extra bit of fat and richness. Tonight I want just the pure beef flavor. The thick slab of cheddar cheese is the perfect compliment to that rich beefiness. It’s salty and enhances the flavor. Jene got creative and fried the burger in a bit of butter to give it some extra flavor.

It’s too easy to over look the beauty of simplicity. We see the cooking shows on TV and it makes it seem like all food must have multiple layers of flavors and lots of fancy ingredients. And I’ll be the first to admit that I love playing with flavors and new ingredients. I just try not to forget the beauty of minimally enhanced flavors. The purity that lurks at the heart of a good ingredient. So take the time to remember the roots of your food and revisit them.

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