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Why Guy Fieri and Triple D are evil…

on September 8, 2012

So last night the TV was stuck on the Food Network watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with host Guy Fieri. Jene swears he hates this show but we watch it anyway while 1. commenting on all the travel we need to eat our way through and 2. come up with new recipes to try. Tonight was the night to try a new recipe.

Unfortunately we didn’t get the name of the episode but it had this crazy restaurant where the chef was layering chopped bacon, blue cheese and ground beef to make an insane version of a bacon cheeseburger. It looked and sounded so good that Jene and I decided to make this engineering masterpiece for ourselves.

First thing we learned is that we really do need a proper ring mold to shape the patties. We think the ring mold the cook used was about 3-4″ across and about 2″ deep. The chef put a layer of chopped bacon in the bottom, cheese on top of that and then 8oz of ground beef on top of that. After pressing it all down, the ring was removed and the burger placed on the griddle, bacon side down with a grill weight on top. When the bacon was browned up and crisp the burger was flipped to finish cooking.

We managed to do some half-assed rigging to shape the patties but it worked. (I’ll be ordering a proper ring mold after pay day lol) We also substituted feta cheese in place of the blue cheese since neither Jene nor I are big fans. Once we got the patties made it was just a matter of frying them up. We also used slightly smaller burgers, about 6.5 oz instead of 8. We realized another couple of things, 1. We are going to order a big stainless steel flat top grill to put on the gas grill outside so we have more room to cook and 2. we need another cast iron grill press. We had to cook one burger with the weight until the bacon was done and we could turn it. Then we started another patty and used the weight lol. This picture shows the burgers cooking. You can see the beautiful caramelized bacon and the other burger is hiding under the press lol.

The next thing I did to make these burgers completely amazing was I made the buns from scratch. One of the lovely things about having a bread machine is that it has a “dough” setting which does all the mixing and kneading. Dump everything in and ignore it for an hour and half. Then you have lovely dough to shape and bake. I used a dough made with heavy cream and butter so it’s dense, rich and buttery. Perfect for soaking up the juices from a nice thick burger. The bun smooshed down around the meat perfectly and yet kept the fingers clean(ish) and tidy(ish).

So now you’re probably wondering what the finished product looks like.. I suppose I’ll indulge your mouth-watering curiosity.


4 responses to “Why Guy Fieri and Triple D are evil…

  1. Tane Marie McKee, DVM says:

    I like Triple D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jene says:

    The place was Dad’s Kitchen in Sacramento

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