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Eau de Smoke and Spice Blends

on September 20, 2012

A coworker told me today that if they could make perfume out of the smell of smoked meat, she’d wear it. I am currently wearing that perfume lol. I will mention that I came about it the old fashioned way, adding wood to the smoker for the pork shoulder, not from a bottle. 😉

Tonight’s dinner is a very basic smoked pork shoulder. It’s been in there for almost 12 hours now and should be coming out in the next hour or two. Last night I was going to make my rub from scratch and be all creative. By the time I got home from dinner with Tane, I was tired and wound up not making anything. I handed Jene a jar of McCormick’s Sweet & Smokey Rub and went to bed. Jene very kindly rubbed the pork and shoved it in the fridge for the night. Then he surprised me this morning and got the smoker running while I was still sound asleep. He’s such an awesome husband!

So I thought I should say a few words about store bought spice rubs/blends. While I appreciate the joy of creating my own flavors I am not such a snob that it’s required. Some store blends just flat out taste good and I think it’s worth using them. Penzeys Spices has especially good stuff and they don’t put in a lot of additives to prevent clumping and stuff like that. I use a LOT of their Ozark, Mural of Flavor, Chicago Steak and Tuscan Sunset seasoning blends. McCormick also has a few blends that I really like. The Sweet & Smokey rub that I have on the pork shoulder is really nice. It’s got some of the sweeter spices like cinnamon and a touch of cloves. I adore their onion burger blend. Add some of that and some worchesershire sauce to ground beef and it’s crazy good for hamburgers.

Anyway, this isn’t much of a post but I recommend spending some time thinking about the flavors that you enjoy on your food. Then play with combining those flavors together to create your own blends. The worst that happens is that you hate it and throw it out, wasting a few dollars worth of herbs and spices. But think of it as a learning experience!


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