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Summer’s Bounty

on September 23, 2012

No, I’m not talking about paper towels… I’m talking about the produce that my garden is producing at an alarming rate lol. I’ve got roughly five quarts of tomatoes in a pot cooking down for sauce and about 15 lbs of cucumbers waiting to be pickled.

As you can see, my pot of tomatoes is a bit over full but they will cook down and fit perfectly in the pan. I’ve added just a bit of white wine but otherwise, the tomatoes will stew in their own juices.

The cucumbers have taken over the garden. As you can see from the photo (yes, they’re white and yellow, not green) I have LOTS of cucumbers. I’ve got my jars and lids and hope to make dill pickles this week. I haven’t tried making pickles like this before so wish me luck!

I had some chili peppers but Jene threw them out “because they weren’t hot.” Sigh… I could have used them in something but oh well. My friend Cat and I have brokered a deal where next year, I’ll grow tomatoes and she’ll grown the peppers. I have the worst luck growing peppers and she can’t grow tomatoes. I think it will be profitable for both sides.

This upcoming week should be good for my blog. I have several days worth of cooking planned out and all my ingredients. I will be making things like flank steak, crab cakes, paleo chocolate cake and a brined/smoked chicken. And if I’m too tired to cook I’ll post about what I’m reading in my new cookbook Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn. An excellent book that my fried Cat convinced me to buy. In fact, she was SO persuasive that I bought it on my Kindle right at the restaurant we were sitting in!

Tomorrow I’ll post more pictures and ingredients for the finished tomato sauce. For now, the tomatoes are just going to keep doing their thing over very low heat. I’ll cover them before bed and then finish cooking them tomorrow.


2 responses to “Summer’s Bounty

  1. Vicki says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the flank steak and crab cakes! And I love Ruhlman so will be very curious to hear how you like the book. Who is Brian Polcyn? 🙂

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