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Never the way you planned it…

on October 4, 2012

So I had these great plans for the way my week was going to go… And of course, life got in the way and messed up my lovely plans. I did get my chickens brined but they wound up being oven roasted instead of smoked. I wasn’t happy enough with them to take pictures and post about it. I will say that it DOES make a difference to boil the brine. The seasonings really take on a new level of depth when the meat soaks in the brine. I also discovered that saying “Honey, take the chickens out of the brine and let them dry in the refrigerator.” is not the same thing as “Honey, take the chickens out of the brine, put them on a rack, put the rack on a baking sheet, and let them dry in the fridge.” The first one leaves out a step and the chickens wind up sitting in their own juices which makes the skins take a long time to crisp up. My sweetie is an amazing help around the kitchen and this is NOT a criticism of him, just a reminder to myself that I must be precise in my instructions lol.

I was going to make pickles today but that fell through too. Jene’s mom had hip surgery this morning (it went fine) and I didn’t sleep well last night. Then today was hectic and even taking a three hour nap left me wanting to go back to sleep. The only thing I’ve accomplished is eating a bagel, taking a bath and shaving my legs. So with luck I will get pickles made on Friday or Saturday. I will definitely write a nice big post about that project.


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