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Sweet Maple (San Francisco, CA

on October 13, 2012

One of the benefits of living near San Francisco is that Jene and I can come over to the city and visit some fun spots. We came in last night and saw the Smashing Pumpkins at Bill Graham Civic. A very good show and I recommend seeing them in concert if you can. Another nice thing about San Francisco is the wide range of restaurants. This morning our host, Darren, took us to Sweet Maple for breakfast. Jene and I had seen this restaurant on tv talking about their Millionaire’s Bacon so I was extra excited to try it. Unfortunately, the reality was a little disappointing. 😦

I had the Eggs Benedict with harvest roasted potatoes and a sweet mimosa. Jene and Darren had the Bulgogi Burger and Phil had the Bulgogi Scramble. In addition to that we had the sweet potato puffs and a side of Millionaire’s Bacon.

I’m going to start with the good thing. The sweet potato puffs are insanely good. They’re little tater tots made with sweet potatoes and since they’re small, they’re easy to eat like popcorn. I could have eaten another plate or two and been completely happy. The portion size is generous and even sharing it three ways, I was happy that we all got a good share. That being said, I was not as impressed with the rest of the meal…

Here you can see my eggs benedict is pretty much a standard presentation which is fine. What wasn’t so fine was the fact that it was lukewarm at best. Nothing we ate today was really very warm. I understand that they’re busy on Saturday morning but still… barely warm eggs aren’t that good. I will give them props for getting my eggs cooked medium well at least. The hollandaise was at least well prepared and not curdled but the seasoning was a little flat. It just wasn’t anything impressive.


Jene and Darren had the Bulgogi Burger. The menu claims that all burgers contain a half pound of beef. There is no way this burger had a half pound of beef. you can see even before the bun is cut that there’s not enough thickness here for a half pound of beef. The flavor was ok but again, nothing to write home about. The general consensus was “meh.” The Bulgogi Scramble that Phil had isn’t even going to make the photos from this morning.

Finally, the Millionaire’s bacon… What a rip off! For $8.75 you get two slices of bacon. I watched the United States of Bacon episode that featured this bacon and it looked amazing. However, I suspect the increase in business has made them rethink how they were going to serve it. On the show, the bacon was cut so thick it was only about 5 slices per pound. Even being slow cooked for several hours, there’s no way the bacon we got was that thick. I didn’t even take a picture because it was just a couple of pieces of bacon on a plate. Yes, it was sweet and spicy but you can accomplish that with some maple syrup and chili flakes.

Now, that I’ve covered the food, let me talk about the service. This is pretty much all bad. I get that SF is a multicultural city but if I’m in a restaurant where the menu is in English, I expect the staff to speak enough english to take my order. Nope, I asked for a side of extra hollandaise, I got the hollandaise on the side instead of extra. (With a side order of eye roll from the waiter.) We had to ask twice for the bacon to show up. When we finally got all our food, I had not one but TWO people try to take my plate off the table before I was done eating. Just because one person at a table of four is done eating doesn’t mean that everyone else is ready to have their plates whipped away. Seriously, I sat back to have a sip of tea before finishing and this guy is wanting to take my plate. I finish my potatoes and want to take a sip of tea before eating my fruit and again, there’s someone else wanting to take my plate. I want to FINISH my food and not feel like I’m being shoved out the door. I told the “manager” that  I wasn’t happy. I doubt he was actually a manager since he was in the same black clothing and was serving tables like everyone else. I very much got the feeling that what I said went in one ear and out another. Overall, a very underwhelming experience. At least with San Francisco, there are lots of other places to eat because I won’t be going back!


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