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My Cafe (Newark, CA)

on October 17, 2012

I like diner type restaurants. They usually have a decent menu and good service. My Cafe, on the corner of Thornton and Cedar in Newark, Ca fits that profile. I’ve been pure laziness this week about cooking and Jene took me out tonight. We hadn’t been to My Cafe before but have driven past it several times. Tonight was the night to check it out 🙂

The inside of the restaurant is nice. It’s obviously been recently remodeled. It was clean and the staff was very nice and attentive. Victor was our server and he did a great job.

Onion rings are not only one of my favorite foods, it’s a good way to judge a restaurant. Are the rings flavorful? Is the coating crisp and not soggy? Are the onions tender and sweet within the breading? The answer to this for My Cafe was yes. They weren’t the best rings I’ve ever had (Baldie’s holds that honor) but they weren’t bad. I like the rings cut a little thicker but the coating was nicely crispy and not at all soggy. The portion size was also quite generous.

Another test is Eggs Benedict. Hollandaise sauce isn’t hard to make but there’s a lot of places that can’t seem to make it right. Yes, it’s technically a little touchy, making sure that the egg yolks don’t curdle while they get whisked into the hot butter… But with the advent of the modern blender or food processor it’s not bad and more cooks should be able to handle it. The cook at My Cafe did a good job with the hollandaise sauce so I now have a place to get good benedict close to home, hooray! The other thing I’m picky about is how my eggs are poached. I like them poach medium-well so that the yolks are just a little bit runny. I will keep sending my plate back until they’re cooked correctly too. This cook got it right the first time. I also liked the fact that they used slices of traditional ham that had been fried instead of the usual boring Canadian bacon. I got the country potatoes on the side and this is my only complaint with the dish. I loved the fact that they were obviously cooked from fresh potatoes (not frozen) but they were under seasoned. They needed some onion, garlic, more salt & pepper, and maybe a bit of parsley. Still, I’d rather have fresh, under seasoned potatoes than something out of the freezer.

Jene’s dinner selection was the Gourmet Burger. A nice thick burger patty with bacon, mushrooms and cheese. He said the flavor was good and from what I saw it was nice and juicy. He had the steamed veggies as a side and like the potatoes, they were under seasoned.

Other than that, Jene was really happy with his meal. 🙂

Finally, we ordered dessert. They do dessert crepes but we were too full to try those so we ordered pie to go. They do not make their pies in house so I don’t blame them that the pie really isn’t that great. I had the peach pie and there was barely any filling in it. The crust was kind of soggy. Jene’s coconut cream pie was ok but nothing spectacular. Next time we eat at My Cafe I’ll try the dessert crepe because that sounds super good. 😀


The overall opinion is that we’ll eat here again, probably fairly regularly. Jene’s Grandmother will probably enjoy it too. If you’re local, I recommend you try it out.

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