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Pickles: Take 2

on October 24, 2012

After making the first batch of pickles I was very unhappy with the cucumbers I used. They’re pretty but the skins are tough. This may be an issue that resolves itself as they sit over the next couple of months but for now, I’m not pleased. So I bought a whole bunch of pickling cucumbers this past weekend and got around to canning them tonight.  I started out with ten pints but one of my jars broke 😦  Breakage is a somewhat unavoidable risk when working with glass jars. Heating the pickling brine and putting it in heated jars helps but it’s not fool proof. So now I have 9 jars of pickles to try out in a month or so. I also changed up my pickling spice blend. I used a pre-made blend from the Spice and Tea Exchange, added some extra dill seed, fresh dill weed, and a big clove of garlic for each jar. I’m happy to report that I’m hearing metallic popping noises as the lids on the jars seal.

For those of you unfamiliar with canning, home canning jars come with a flat metal lid with a rubber gasket that sits on the top edge of the glass jar. A metal ring is used to help secure it. The process of heating the jars in boiling water causes a vacuum in the jar which pulls the lid down tight against the glass and the rubber then sticks to the glass, sealing out the air and bacteria in the surrounding environment. The lid also develops a slight dip in the top. So after the jars cool in about 12 hours or so, I’ll press down on the tops and make sure they all sealed. If one doesn’t (I had one in the last batch that didn’t) I’ll put it in the fridge and have one for “quality testing” 😉

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