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Pickle Update: 1

on November 5, 2012

Back at the beginning of October I canned my first batch of pickles. Being the ambitious person that I am, I canned 18 pint jars lol. Why do it in small measures when you can go big?  So tonight, roughly four weeks after processing, Jene and I opened a jar to see how they turned out. I was a bit concerned when I first canned them because the crystal apple cucumbers I used have a very tough skin. However, after sitting for a month I am please to report that the skins have softened up quite nicely.

Since one of the jars didn’t seal during the canning process, I stuck it in the fridge and tasted it. I wasn’t particularly pleased with it.. too gingery, too vinegary… too lots of things. However, there’s a reason why the instructions say to let the pickles cure for 4-6 weeks. It allows the vinegar time to mellow and the other flavors to age into the pickle, giving them a smoother and much finer flavor. The ginger is still stronger than what I am looking for in my finished product but I am happy to report that these are very good and will be used as Christmas presents this year. So I can say that pickle making is a success 🙂


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