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Boredom leads to… Mashed potato and turkey panko crusted fried cakes

on November 28, 2012

What happens when it’s 9pm and I decide I’m hungry?  I start getting oddly creative. For anyone familiar with the huge meal I cooked for Thanksgiving you won’t be surprised to know that I still have leftovers. I’m out of gravy so I didn’t want just plain old mashed potatoes and turkey. I love fried mashed potatoes (make a patty of the cold potatoes and fry it in lots of butter) but I wanted something a bit different. So why not combine the taters and the turkey into one patty? It’s ok but a little crumbly… add an egg! This make the taters moister and helps hold it together. For some extra crunch I coated it in panko bread crumbs.


1 1/2 – 2 cups left over mashed potatoes

1/2 – 3/4 cup finely chopped cooked turkey meat

1 large egg

panko bread crumbs (mix in dried herbs or some spices like cumin and chili peppers if you want to add some extra kick)

Mix the taters, turkey meat and egg in a bowl until well combined. Form the mixture into patties, roughly 5-6 inches in diameter and about 1 inch thick. Press panko bread crumbs into the surface and fry in lots of butter until nice and brown on both sides. I had the heat just barely on the high side of medium then reduced it to medium-low when I flipped them. The reason for the heat reduction is this… the patties need to cook through completely because of the egg. So by lowering the heat it cooks through without burning the outside. Once the patties are done it’s easy to mix some flour into the butter left in the pan (add more butter if it was all absorbed) and make a roux for gravy. Add some chicken broth to make the gravy. Yay, leftovers with a twist!

Ok so I wrote this post and then wound up making a pan gravy lol. To give it a little extra kick I added some coarse ground dijon mustard to the gravy. It added some nice acidic to the flavor of the gravy.


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