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Hooray for Friday and Cheddar Cheese

on January 11, 2013

At long last, the weekend is here. Thank goodness! It’s been a stupidly long week. Now I get to look forward to trying my hand at cheddar cheese this weekend.

Cheddar cheese is a nice basic aged cheese, provided you can resist eating the curds long enough to actually press it lol. This first batch won’t survive the curd stage. I don’t have a press yet anyway so it’s a good excuse to eat the curds as a snack. For this little project I need to get 2 gallons of milk. I’m hoping to find a source that’s a wee bit cheaper than the raw milk I’ve been buying. I get about 1/2 lb worth of curds for each half gallon of milk. So 2 gallons should make about 2 lbs of cheese. At $9/half gallon for raw milk it’s kind of an expensive way to get cheese.

Traditional cheddar cheese is made by creating the curds and then letting the curds sit at 100F for a couple of hours. This creates a tough curd, similar in texture to chicken meat. The curds are then placed in a mold and pressed for many hours. It’s a very time consuming process and NOT the one I’m using this time. For this first experiment I’m going to make Farmhouse Cheddar which skips the long hold at 100F. The curds are brought up to 100F but only held there for about 30 minutes.

We have to head into the city tomorrow so I don’t now if I’ll have time to play in the kitchen tomorrow or if I’ll have to wait until Sunday. Check in on Sunday to find out 😉

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