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One Step Closer to Cheese Domination!

on January 18, 2013

One thing that you really need to have for serious cheese making is a cheese press. I have put off ordering one until I was sure this was something I was really going to keep doing. After the cheddar curds from last weekend being so good, I went ahead and ordered my cheese press. (Edit: I forgot to post a link to the website!) I ordered it from thecheesemaker.com I love this website. It’s easy to navigate and the prices are excellent.


This press uses a heavy duty spring to apply the required amount of pressure to the cheese. I like it over the lever arm style presses because it doesn’t take up as much space. This particular model comes in two sizes. The small size will do up to 2 gallons of milk and the large one will handle up to six gallons of milk.

So why do I need a press? The press is what creates cheese in a block. Otherwise it just stays in little curds. So with this press I can form blocks of cheese and then age them properly. So some of my friend will be getting cheese for Christmas. 😀

I also ordered a few more supplies for making other cheeses with more yet to get but I’m a bit step closer to having everything I need. Well, except for a cow… still not any closer to that lol.


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