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Dill Havarti

on January 27, 2013

I got a new cheese recipe book the other day and decided I wanted to try one of the recipes. The book is Artisan Cheese Making at Home by Mary Karlin. Steve, the owner of thecheesemaker.com told me about it when I talked to him on the phone Friday. Being the impatient sort, I got the Kindle version because I didn’t want to wait for a book to arrive by mail. I’ll probably still order the book but I wanted to get started NOW lol.

Anyway, this book is much more comprehensive than the other two books I have. It has a very in depth discussion about the different types of cultures as well as a website that provides additional information and charts. Artisan Cheese Making at Home provides a whole wealth of additional information for the newbie cheese maker.

After reading through the beginning and intermediate recipes I decided I wanted to make the Dill Havarti. I chose this recipe for a couple of reasons. It would let me use my cheese press, I love Havarti and it was somewhat less time consuming than something like Cheddar. When I made Cheddar curds a couple of weeks ago is was an ALL day process, about 11 hours. This Havarti recipe has only taken about 4 hours so far and I’m in the final stages of pressing the cheese.

I’m not going to post the whole recipe and I still suck at taking pictures of the whole process but a fellow blogger has a great site about making cheese. http://muchtodoaboutcheese.com has great pictures of the process of making cheese so go check them out! I suspect one of the reasons that I don’t take many pictures is that my hands are usually too dirty to touch my phone plus I get involved and forget what I’m doing.

I definitely feel that I’m getting the hang of this. My curds set properly again. Changing to a local non-homogenized milk has made a HUGE difference. I didn’t realize how prevalent homogenization really was. I still need to work on my curd cutting technique but I suspect that comes with practice. But I’m proud to say that I have my first cheese in the press and it appears to be doing what it should! pressingdillhavartiThe cheese will press at about 8lbs of pressure for half an hour then I’ll take it out, unwrap the cheesecloth, flip it over, rewrap it and press it again for another half hour. I’ll keep this up for a couple of hours until it stops leaking whey. And tah dah! I’ll have cheese πŸ˜€ Havarti can be brined and aged but I’m going to eat this batch fresh like the greedy cheese fiend I am.

6 responses to “Dill Havarti

  1. ihtreuer says:

    I have made Mary’s Havarti and I like the recipe, I omitted the dill as I don’t really like dill, well done.on the cheese.

    • I’m excited about tasting it lol. It’s sad that you don’t like dill! It’s one of my absolute favorite herbs πŸ˜‰ Do you have a recommendation about what to try next? I’m thinking maybe gouda…

  2. ihtreuer says:

    I would say go with a Caerphilly, it is ready in 3 weeks and similar in texture to a cheddar but completely different flavour. Mary’s recipe is ok, but I have one if you want it.

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