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Tastes like… Cheese!

on January 28, 2013

Tonight I got to try my Havarti and I am pleased 😀 It tastes like cheese lol. It’s VERY different from a store bought cheese but it’s fresh, not aged. I think I’m going to take half of it and brine/age it to see how that changes the taste and texture. I’m not really sure yet because I don’t have a “cheese cave” to keep it at the proper temp. 😦

So here are my tasting notes.. It’s very tangy, which I think is to be expected in a fresh cheese. It’s also not as smooth and creamy, also because of it being fresh. My understanding is that the aging process will help mellow the flavor and make a smoother, creamier cheese. It has a very pronounced dill flavor which was exactly what I was hoping for. Dill is one of my favorite herbs! I’m not sure Jene liked it but he didn’t spit it out either 😉  His palate is very used to store bought cheeses and I don’t think he was expecting how very different a fresh, homemade cheese would be.freshdillhavarti

So all in all, I’m happy with it and looking forward to seeing how the aging process changes things. Ian over at muchtodoaboutcheese.com has given me a recipe for Caerphilly that I’m going to try out as soon as I get my cheese cave situation figured out 🙂  Thank you Ian!!


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