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Happy Valentine’s Day!

on February 14, 2013

Today is a day to appreciate love. Usually people think about it in terms of romantic love but I prefer to think about it as love in general. The love we feels for our friends and family, the love we feel for the around us in general. It’s a day to remember compassion and acceptance to to kiss our sweethearts. Well, if you kiss your pets you’ll probably get fur all over your face and yes, I did lol. So here’s to all of you who take time out to read my blog. I love you!!

Now, in case you’re wondering what I fixed for dinner… Ribeye Steaks with Lemon Basil Fettuccine in cream sauce and tomato/asparagus salad. It was a simple meal but tasty and satisfying. For dessert we had a glass of Orange Moscato and Gingerbread Spice Chocolate.

The ribeyes were seasoned with plain salt and pepper and a bit of butter at the end. For the cream sauce I melted 3 TB of butter in a saute pan, added 1/3 cup of heavy cream, a tiny pinch of nutmeg, salt and white pepper. Once the cream had reduced by about half, I tossed in the fettuccine and about 1/3 cup of grated parmesan cheese. This creates a coating of cream and parmesan on the noodles without leaving it swimming in a thick, greasy sauce. Finally the tomato/asparagus salad is the one I’ve posted here.  It wasn’t anything new or particularly excited but there’s a great deal of satisfaction in a meal well cooked.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day and spent it with people you love. 🙂


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