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A wake up call

on February 24, 2013

We all talk about how we need to eat healthier and exercise more. Some of us even poke around the edges and do try to eat better. (Jene and my journey through low carb and juicing is a good example.) However, sometimes you need to DO it now and not some time in the future. My whole family got that message loud and clear today.

Early this morning my mother had a major heart attack. She’s known her blood pressure was high and that she needed to lose weight but there was always a reason for putting it off. Now, we’re lucky she’ll still alive and it shocked us all.

We were lucky. Mom woke up feeling “off” and Dad made her take an aspirin before he drove her straight to the ER. They were at the hospital when the “big one” hit and Mom coded. Yeah, my mom was dead for a short time today. This vibrant, amazing woman who is my best friend was almost gone forever.

The doctors say the prognosis is excellent. Her heart is undamaged and strong. She now has four stents around her heart keeping the arteries open and a family who doesn’t want to lose her. My response to this? Start working on a way to help her eat better and lose the weight that’s putting so much strain on her heart. They don’t need me home right now. Mom is safe in the hospital and me being underfoot would just be extra stress for my Dad. But you better believe that I’ll be going home in the next 4-6 weeks and taking a bag of tricks with me to help her eat better.

I love my mom and I’m not ready to go through life without having her at the end of the phone.MomJeneKrisCalAcademy

This picture is Jene, myself and Mom at the California Academy of the Sciences last spring. I hope that the next picture I get to post will show us all much slimmer and healthier.


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