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Dragon Inn: Overland Park, KS

on April 12, 2013

As far as I’m concerned, Chinese food is the ultimate comfort food. I probably eat more Chinese food than anything else, even sushi. Dragon Inn is and probably always will be, my favorite spot to eat Chinese food. I’m friends with the manager Kate and I adore seeing her when I visit the restaurant. Even after being away for two years I got greeted with a big hug when I walked in the door.

It’s not anything above the ordinary as far as menu goes. There’s the standard dishes that everyone expects. However, the quality is ALWAYS excellent and I never leave hungry. The prices are also excellent. I stopped in for lunch the day I dropped Jene off at the airport to fly back to CA after our drive out to KS. I had the sweet and sour pork lunch plate. It comes with fried rice, egg drop soup and a choice of crab rangoon or egg roll. I had the crab rangoon.

Most people in CA have never heard of such a thing which is sad. Crab rangoon is a wonton style wrapper filled with a mix of cream cheese and crab meat. It’s crispy, creamy and delightful. I can’t get decent ones in CA even if I can find someplace that makes them. 😦


This picture shows just how nice the food is. You can see that the pork is big chunks of meat with pineapple, green peppers, onions and carrots. My brother ordered some sweet and sour from a different restaurant and it had no veggies and tiny pieces of pork buried in the breading. Dragon Inn is MUCh better!  In addition to the plate of food, I also got a bowl of soup.

dragoninneggdropEgg drop soup isn’t anything unusual but Dragon Inn makes a very simple but very tasty version. It has broth and egg in it, that’s all. But the broth has a nice deep flavor and there’s no shortage of egg. When I lived in Overland Park, I’d come get this soup every time I got sick. I’d call in a carry out order and show up in my pajamas to pick it up. I miss having Dragon Inn nearby, not least because I miss seeing Kate more often than every couple of years.

Kate, if you read this.. I miss you! I wish I’d been able to stop by and see you one more time before I went home. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to. Take care and I’ll see you when I get back there again. 🙂

Dragon Inn is in Overland Park, KS at 7500 West 80th Street. If you are there, go see them.


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