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Let there be plants!

on May 5, 2013

Well, it’s not finished yet but Jene and I got the majority of the garden planted today. It was a long day’s work because we had to dig up all of last year’s weeds and work in some good compost. Sadly, I had to buy the compost because I don’t have place to create my own. However, the shredded remains of our juicing will be going into the garden. I think this year will be very productive.

So after two years of bad luck with peppers, I’ve given up on growing them. I do not know what I’m doing wrong with them but they just will not grow for me. Tomatoes grow great so I’m focusing on those lol.

We put in two types of cucumbers, a pickling variety (imagine that) and a gherkin. Now I can make MINI pickles lol. If they produce as well as I hope I will have pickles for decades.

Tomatoes (so far) consist of an Italian paste tomato who’s name I can’t remember, a Roma-style paste tomato (both are determinate) and several indeterminate plants.

For those who don’t know the different, determinate plants blossom all at once so that the plants are pretty much ready to harvest all at once. Indeterminate plants blossom and produce fruit over the course of the season. You don’t get as many plants all at once  but you get them for longer.

The reason for planting the two types is to allow me to have a big harvest all at once to process for sauce or canned tomatoes. Then the indeterminates can be harvested and processed as the summer goes along, depending on my energy levels. I’m also sharing my harvest with my friend Cat. She’s growing peppers for me and I’m growing tomatoes for her lol.

So the indeterminate varieties are my go to trio of flavors, Big Rainbow, Japanese Black Trifele, and Sungold. In addition I’ve got a couple of new flavors I’m trying this year. Indigo Rose is a dark purple, plum sized tomato and Orange Strawberry is another orange/red stripped beef steak similar to the Big Rainbow.

Finally, we have some leafy greens. We’ve got a couple of batches of Rainbow Chard and a Curly Green Kale. I plan on putting in some more because you can NOT have empty garden space.

I’ll also add at least one more plum tomato for Cat. However, that is a task for NEXT weekend. I’m done for this week lol. Thank goodness for Epsom Salt!

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