Dreamy's Delights

It's all about the food!

Cast of Characters

I thought it might be helpful to give a little information on some of the characters you’ll see mentioned in my blog. 🙂

Me: 40, mom to three cats, happily married, psychology student, multiple sclerosis patient and generally goofy.

Jene: My wonderful husband who supports me, puts up with my weirdness, pets the cats, and taste tests the food.

Sasha: also known as Queen Grumpypants, she’s the oldest of our cats at age 16. She loves to have her belly rubbed by Jene and I but doesn’t much like anyone else, including the other cats. She figures I know what I’m doing in the kitchen and feels no need to supervise.

Lord Humungous Leader of the Longtails: aka Hugh. He’s 4 years old,  he’s enormous, extra furry and spoiled rotten. He frequently likes to lay on the floor looking dead. He will also come into the kitchen and “supervise” my efforts. This supervision usually includes lots of me telling him to 1. get out from under my foot and 2. get off the counter.

Princess MewMew Wigglebottom: aka Mew. She Hugh’s sister and about 9 lbs to his 20+ lbs. She’s a princess and she knows it. She also comes into the kitchen to supervise but she’s much more lady like about it. She sits politely to one side and I hold out what I’m cooking for her inspection. She daintily sniffs it and goes back to watching. She does NOT try to stick her paws in the food.

Darren: This is one of the Jene’s very best friends. He was the best man when Jene and I got married. He’s slowly learning to cook and getting pretty good at it. He’s single so I keep hoping to find a good woman for him to hook up with.

Phil: Another very good friend. He’s a rocket scientist (literally) and comes up with some strange food ideas, like marshmallows in brownies. I told him it wouldn’t work lol. Still, he’s fun to have around and not all his ideas are bad.

George: The final member of the core group of guys. He’s married to Meghan. Their first child is on the way and I’m excited to be an “auntie” again.

Tane: One of my very best friends. She’s a vet and also a foodie like me. We swap recipes and food all the time.

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