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Review – HazMat Hot Sauce

Yesterday, Jene and I drove down to Hollister, CA just for the purpose of tasting HazMat hot sauce. It’s the creation of a friend of mine who lives locally. Marcie’s  got it in production and sells it both in some local restaurants and markets and online.


Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t eat hot sauce to save my life but Jene loves the stuff. Keeping this in mind, I brutally forced him to drive me the hour+ down to Hollister. It was a gorgeous day for a drive though. The rain from the night before had cleaned the air and it was in the low 70s with bright sunshine.

Jene was very perplexed by the fact that I was making him drive all the way to Hollister to try out hot sauce. Once we got there and he tasted it, he realized it was a good plan. 😀

HazMat is made with an interesting combination of apricots and habanero peppers with other bits of sweet from carrots and bell peppers. Jene’s first question was “What’s the sweet?” My first reaction a tiny drop was fanning my mouth and jumping around. For the sake of this blog I’m about to try tasting it again to see if I can pick up ANY flavor other than the pain of the heat lol.

*brief pause for tasting and gulping water*

Ok, yes, there is a really lovely apricot flavor but then the heat kicks me in the back of the mouth and I want to start crying. 😀 I even tasted it twice to try and give an honest report on the flavor… It’s nicely sweet and VERY hot for someone like me who can’t even handle a jalapeno. If you like HOT sauce, you’ll definitely like this!

We stopped at Arby’s on the way home yesterday and got some roast beast sandwiches (yes, I said beast on purpose) and between his sandwich and his jalapeno poppers, Jene went through almost a quarter of a bottle. I am fairly certain that Marcie didn’t think anyone would use it up that fast. I may have to have her sell it to me in gallon bottles!

As I sit here writing this review, I can think of a lot of ways to use this hot sauce in my cooking that would be excellent… a few drops in the mix for my stuffed bell peppers, a glug into a pot of chili (kind of obvious), a little bit mixed into a vinaigrette… There are lots of possibilities as long as I don’t mind not being able to eat what I made. *wicked grin*

So if you like hot sauce, I highly recommend you check out HazMat. 🙂

And here’s the website one more time. http://tastethehotzone.com/


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