Dreamy's Delights

It's all about the food!

About Dreamy’s Delights

I’ve been thinking about a food blog for a long time. Thanks to the helps of some friends I finally decided to do it 🙂 This blog is an attempt to document my adventures in the kitchen. Most of my friends are aware that I love to cook and am always creating new recipes. Now I can not only track those recipes but share them easily with others. My husband, Jene, has volunteered to be my taster. I’m sure you will also hear our cats, Sasha, Hugh and Mew mentioned as this blog progresses. I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

Something I thought I should add… I have Multiple Sclerosis and it effects my energy levels and ability to get things done. You will frequently see short cuts in my recipes, such as using dried shallots or precut veggies from the store. This is to save me time and energy. It can be a little more expensive than cutting everything myself but it helps me keep from over doing it and making myself sicker. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a lot of good information about what MS is and how it effects a person.

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